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Becky’s bionic hand is hitting the right note

The Lynn News, who have been very supportive in the past, have once again kindly covered the Hand Aid story…

Article that appeared in the Lynn News on 10th January, 2012

Becky in action with her new i-Limb!

Becky Palmer (left) and Fallon Howe - photo Wayne Smith

The photo shows Becky Palmer on the left (with her new i-Limb) with fellow band member Fallon Hower playing during Hunstanton's 2012 Christmas Cracker celebrations.

The fitting and training week in Scotland all went according to plan and we hear that Becky very quickly adapted to the complexities of her new i-Limb. She has already returned to band rehearsals and is very quickly getting to grips with all that the i-Limb can do.

Becky is in Scotland - at Touch Bionics for the fitting!

Becky at Touch Bionics

Becky is at the U.K. headquarters of Touch Bionics and is being fitted with her new i-Limb. It is a complex procedure and there is an associated training programme. Here she is in a one-to-one during her visit.

Becky is maintaining a blog where you can catch up with the latest news and see more pictures of the 'big adventure'. Just click on Becky's Blog to read all about it!

Hand Aid reaches the target!

Yes, on the 26th November, 2012 it was 'officially' announced that the Hand Aid fund had broken through the £30,000 ceiling! For more details of the final stages of fund-raising please check out the Funds page - and just look at the wonderful sight of the Trombone-ometer blasting through the ceiling!

Becky is going to Scotland for the fitting process!

A deposit has been made for Becky's new i-Limb and she will travel to Livingston in West Lothian, Scotland on 19th November, 2012 to be fitted. During this process she will learn more about the many options available and discover just what will suit her best.

Watch this space for more details!

A huge surprise and a massive donation!

The Haid Aid Trustees have announced in July, 2012 that they have received a letter supporting Hand Aid accompanied by a cheque for £10,000! Yes, that's right - Ten Thousand Pounds! The money has been donated by surprise benefactors who saw the publicity and were so moved by the story that they decided they wanted to help. This extremely generous contribution is made on the strict understanding that they remain anonymous so we can only say here on this web site...

Thank you!

This enormous donation takes the fund past its target so Becky can now start the process of ordering her new i-Limb. The Hand Aid team have been looking into the ongoing maintenance costs required to keep the i-Limb looking good and in top working order. The manufacturers have supplied figures which show that there will be ongoing costs.

Therefore, it has been decided by the Trustees and their advisors that the Hand Aid fund raising initiative should continue using the original target of £30,000. There are already plans in place for new projects to help raise the money and everyone is confident that this new target can be reached.

All of this would not be possible without the enthusiastic help and financial contribution from so many people. Yes, there have been some very large donations but the fund has been made important and meaningful by EVERY contribution. We are so grateful to every individual who has sent in a fiver, thrown coins into a bucket, supported the Hand Aid concerts, sponsored the walk and also those organisations who have voted to support the cause.

Check out the Trombone-ometer slide and see it reaching for the sky!

The Peddars Way - A walk for Hand Aid

On the 23rd June, 2012 Becky, together with family and friends, walked all or part of the Peddars Way from Knettishall Heath in the south to Holme-next-the-Sea in the north - a distance of about 46 miles for the whole distance!

This most successful fund-raiser for Hand Aid has added more than £1,850 to the fund. Check out the full story of the walk, with photos, at Walk for Hand Aid, 2012.

Its still not too late - if you would like to help boost the sponsorhsip money for Becky, Susie, Mary and Nev, the intrepid walkers, please email Rachael at handaid@hunstantonconcertband.co.uk

Hand Aid makes the front page!

The   Lynn News of Tuesday, 19th June, 2012 ran a story about Becky and Hand Aid on the front page. By very kind permission of the Lynn News and the writer of the story, Peter Bird, here is the front page article...

Article in the Lynn News - reproduced by kind permission of Lynn News and Peter Bird

...and the full story as it appeared on page 10

Article in the Lynn News - reproduced by kind permission of Lynn News and Peter Bird

Wonderful news...

in November, 2010 Becky made the long journey up to Edinburgh for her first meeting with Touch Bionics, the manufacturers of i-Limb. Here Becky discovered that the new 'arranged' price should be about £23,000 rather than the £30,000 originally mentioned. There is also the possibility that the local Primary Care Trust may be able to pay for her training in Norfolk which would avoid a repeat of the Edinburgh trip. Becky was also told that the i-Limb is powered using the muscles in her forearm - both for opening and closing the hand. This, hopefully, would not require too much training as Becky has already used a hand which works similarly. She was also shown different ways to change grips by moving the thumb and even how to create new shapes with the fingers. This is all really exciting news - the trombone-ometer has been redesigned to show the new total we are aiming for.

See it on YouTube!

This slideshow is currently appearing on www.youtube.com and was conceived and produced by Jayne Thomas who plays alto saxophone with the band. (Photos by Jan Foster)..

Read all about it in the newspapers!

The local newspapers have been most supportive of the appeal and have published the following stories...

Article that appeared in the Lynn News on 22nd March, 2010

Article that appeared in the Hunstanton Newsletter in the April, 2010 edition.

Article that appeared in the Lynn News in the 21st June, 2012 edition.

Article that appeared in the Lynn News on 10th January, 2013